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Top Three Singer Embroidery Sewing Machines -- Futura CE series

Singer was the first commercial sewing company, and long held the favored place in brand name recognition for mechanical sewing machines. That said, reviews of the combined embroidery and sewing machines is not spectacular.

Singer made a wonderful effort to keep the pricing around $1,000 or below. This difference of thousands of dollars is due to their innovation of having the computer separate from the embroidery machine.

Other embroidery machines incorporate the computing with the machine as cards or program disks and the price of the machine is likewise higher by the price of a computer.

Top choices Singer Futura CE150 Singer Futura CE250 Singer Futura CE350
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Also named SES1000,
"Quantum Futura" -- same machines!
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Best Balance of Price and Features
Pre-programmed stitches
Built in designs
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Buttonhole underplate
built in fonts
Twin needle
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Singer Futura CE250 Review


  • Good online communities for learning machine embroidery (Yahoo Group called FuturaEmbroidery).
  • Machine and software are reasonably simple.
  • Updated software for Windows 64-bit systems.


  • Sewing machine must be attached to computer to machine embroider.
  • The CE150 and CE250 come with only basic software.
  • Machine embroidery thread is expensive.


  • You can have a lot of fun with machine embroidery for your crafts or garment sewing.
  • Keep in mind that you must have a computer to use the embroidery functions, so if you don't have one you will need to add that to the price.
  • Also you will need special machine embroidery thread. You must invest the time to learn to thread the machine properly.


We highlight the features of the CE250, because the main difference between the models are software. The CE350 comes with more software and also the buttonhole plate to hold your fabric and move it under the needle while buttonholing. If you're looking to get started in embroidery, the CE250 may make better sense. If you are looking for a more practical machine for garment sewing, then a mechanical Singer sewing machine is probably more what you need.

Up to 600 stitches per minute. You'll be able to sew quickly once you master this machine.
Live Software updates for up-to-date information The Futura software is Windows based. The patch for 64-bit Windows (Vista, win 7) is at
Electronic sewing and computer-linked embroidery machine with LCD display This is what keeps the price lower than other embroidery machines. Your computer is necessary to use the embroidery functions.
100 stitch options; 6 styles of 1-step buttonholes; 1-touch stitch selector Watch the video below to get an idea of the control button setup.
Auto needle threader; top drop-in bobbin Makes life a bit easier to get started.



Sewing and simple embroidery machine. The ability to add embroidery to garments and crafts is a huge step up from just regular sewing.

alert Dislikes

Thread breaks and error messages for unknown reasons are very common. Sometimes the machine does not recognize the hoop properly and you have to do a whole shut down of the computer and machine and restart it. Jamming, birdnesting and needle breakage reported often when embroidering.

The learning curve is not small on this machine. It is very, very important to spend the time getting to know how to thread the machine.


CE250 package


It is very important to read the instructions and view the accompanying DVD.

You will then practice threading until you get it right and do try some embroidery on scraps and pieces of fabric first. Practice makes perfect, and patience is important while you learn a new skill.

Do join the FuturaEmbroidery group on YahooGroups to get the best support and find out how to get rid of that thread broken warning beep! If you continue to have trouble, get it serviced at a authorized service center within the warranty period.

Finally, if you are considering professional embroidery, it might be better to save your money up and invest in one of the professional embroidery machines that cost thousands of dollars.

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