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4411 Heavy Duty Review


  • Able to sew through 4 layers of denim without a hitch.
  • Able to sew leather.
  • Simple to use.


  • Very few cons mentioned in online reviews.
  • Some users experienced thread bunching problems

Really excellent basic machine that sews steadily and will do heavy denim easily. Nothing fancy here, but if you want a beginning machine with power, this is a good option.


This machine is meant to be simple, heavy duty, and get the job done..

1,100 Stitches per Minute Faster than most home sewing machines for close to industrial strength.
Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole See our video tutorial on making the 4-step buttonhole. It's easy.
Top Drop-in Bobbin Make your bobbin loading easier.
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Especially useful for varied fabric thicknesses.
Heavy Duty Metal Frame Keep your stitching skip-free and your machine in place.



This machine is simple yet powerful for sewing through heavier projects.

alert Dislikes

Very few cons mentioned in online reviews. Some users experienced thread bunching problems or the machine giving up on leather. Other reviewers remind users to always replace the needle that comes with the machine with a new needle and be very careful with the threading. The threading instruction picture in the instruction book is a bit tricky. Don't forget to thread the little bracket that is above the needle. It is step 7 in the book, but not obvious in the picture and not obvious on the machine. The thread first goes through the fairly obvious metal holder in step six, then it needs to go in that little tiny bracket, a small piece of metal that is laying on top of the needle mount. If you don't thread that, the thread will ball up underneath and mess up your sewing and lock up.



For a simple, heavy duty machine under $200, this machine is a great choice.

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Feature 1 check
Heavy Duty, Denim Sewing
Heavy Duty, Denim, Decorative, too!
Bobbin Type Top drop-in Top drop-in
Stitches 11 stitch patterns 23 stitch patterns
Buttonholes 4-step buttonholes 1-step buttonholes
Weight 14 pounds 14.5 pounds
Price Range $179 - $499 $179 - $499
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